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Published on a weekly basis in THE EXCHANGE newspaper, Spokane, WA  USA



The Author




One evening in the fall of 1979, the author, Ed Linz, found himself sitting at a bar in Washington, DC.  He started to write on a napkin near his drink.  He mailed that napkin with an article entitled, Beltway Bandits, to a publisher in Spokane, WA. (www.spokane.exchange)  That began the Eyes Right series – a collection of occasional pieces datelined from around the world, - wherever the author found himself with a new napkin.  There have been lengthy dry spells, followed by periods of frequent, if not regular, submissions.  Here they are, at last, collected for your reading, and hopefully thinking, pleasure.  If you have comments or thoughts, please direct same to EdLinz@edlinz,com…..enjoy!!



Books and Articles by Ed Linz


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They Never Threw Anything Away, Memories of the Great Depression by Americans Who Lived It

NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon and at www.edlinz.com




Hurtling to the Edge, A Thriller Involving Physics, Religion, Drugs, and Sex (2014) – available on www.amazon.com both as a paperback or an e-book


Team Teaching Science, Success for All Learners (2011) – available both on amazon.com and directly from the publisher, National Science Teachers Association on its website



Life Row, A Case Study of How a Family Can Survive a Medical Crisis (1997) – available on amazon.com or directly from author at edlinz@edlinz.com




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Each of these articles is copyrighted and may not be used for publication without written permission of the author.  Parties interested in use of any of this material should contact the author at  EdwinRLinz@gmail.com  





NOTE:   Eyes Right is currently on sabbatical until late October 2022 while working on a new book about Vietnam.  It is tentatively titled “A Filthy Way to Die” and will hopefully be available on Amazon in December 2022.


Date                               Dateline                                   Title


4/29/22                          Greenville, ME                         40 Billion

4/22/22                          Greenville, ME                         Inflation

4/15/2022                       Springfield, VA              Five Finger Discount

4/8/2022                         Aboard Conch Too, FL             Tale of Two Boats

4/1/2022                         Burke, VA                               Tom Porter

3/25/2022                       Springfield, VA              To Be an American

3/18/2022                       Springfield, VA                        A Dude is a Dude

3/11/2022                       Springfield, VA                        Higher Education?

3/4/2022                         Springfield, VA                        Existential Threat

2/25/2022                       Springfield, VA                        State of the Union

2/18/2022                       Springfield, VA                        Hate

2/11/2022                       Springfield, VA                        Learned Behavior

2/4/2022                         Springfield, VA                        Immaculata

1/28/2022                       Springfield, VA                        Sayonara SAT

1/21/2022                       Biscayne Nat Park                    South Florida

1/14/2022                       South Florida, FL           Food, It’s Complicated

1/7/2022                         Beach Haven, NJ                      Local Treasure





Date                               Dateline                                   Title


12/31/2021                     Springfield, VA                        John Madden

12/24/2021                     Springfield, VA              Equity in Education

12/17/2021                     Springfield, VA                        Virtue Signaling

12/10/2021                     Springfield, VA                        Injustice

12/3/2021                       Springfield, VA                        Children

11/26/2021                     Springfield, VA                        Anarchy

11/19/2021                     On The AT, Maine                   My Last Dance

11/12/2021                     Springfield, VA                        Not So Fast

11/5/2021                       Springfield, VA                        COP Flop

10/29/2021                     Goshen, IN                              Carole Ulmer

10/22/2021                     Springfield, VA              Dangerous Situation

10/15/2021                     Mystic, CT                               Be Very Careful

10/8/2021                       Greenville, ME                         Cancel Him!

10/1/2021                       Greenville, ME                         Political Science

9/24/2021                       Greenville, ME                         R.I.P. Cousin

9/17/2021                       Greenville, ME                         Loonicide

9/10/2021                       Greenville, ME               No Que, Pero Como

9/3/2021                         Greenville, ME                         Reliability..Nada

8/27/2021                       Greenville, ME                         The Knight

8/20/2021                       Greenville, ME                         Slippery Slope

8/13/2021                       Greenville, ME     Demographic Time Bomb

8/6/2021                         Greenville, ME                         CRT part II

7/30/2021                       Greenville, ME               Critical Race Theory

7/23/2021                       Bandolier Nat Monument          Cliff Dwellers

7/16/2021                       Santa Fe, NM                           Old Trails

7/9/2021                         Ojo Spa, NM                            Gina 

7/2/2021                         Santa Fe, NM                           Irreconcilable

6/25/2021                       Santa Fe, NM                           Difficult History

6/18/2021                       Dallas, TX                               Monarchy

6/11/2021                       Greenville, ME                         Monarchs

6/4/2021                         Greenville, ME                         A Bunch of Barley

5/28/2021                       Greenville, ME                         Armageddon

5/21/0921                       Greenville, ME                         Ultimate Con

5/14/2021                       Greenville, ME                         Frustration

5/7/2021                         Greenville, ME                         Mark Trail

4/30/2021                       Springfield, VA                        Plastics

4/23/2021                       Springfield, VA                        Mob Justice

4/16/2021                       Springfield, VA                        Prince Philip

4/9/2021                         Springfield, VA                        Ulya

4/2/2021                         Springfield, VA                        Garage Bands

3/26/2021                       Key Largo, FL                          Darby

3/19/2021                       Everglades National Park          Gators!

3/12/2021                       Washington, D.C.                    Silent Joe

3/5/2021                         Springfield, VA                        How?

2/26/2021                       Springfield, VA                        One Year Later

2/19/2021                       Springfield, VA                        Woods

2/12/2021                       Fairfax County, VA                  Total Failure

2/5/2021                         Washington, D.C.                    Come Together

1/29/2021                       Washington, D.C.                    A Path Forward

1/22/2021                       Washington, D.C.                    Murder-Suicide

1/15/2021                       Goshen, IN                              Sundown Towns

1/8/2021                         Springfield, VA                        Dreams



Date                               Dateline                                   Title


12/25/2020                     Springfield, VA                        Electric No Go

12/18/2020                     Gettysburg, PA                        Hallowed Ground

12/11/2020                     Fairfax, VA                             Walter E. Williams

12/4/2020                       Burke, VA                               Post-fil-A

11/27/2020                     Springfield, VA                        Covid/Radiation Lessons

11/20/2020                     Springfield, VA                        Death

11/13/2020                     Fairfax, VA                             COVID Court

11/6/2020                       Springfield, VA                        Sturm und Drang

10/30/2020                     Ithaca, NY                               Eroding Education

10/23/2020                     Springfield, VQ                        The Hate Strategy

10/16/2020                     Greenville, ME                         Dope

10/9/2020                       Greenville, ME                         And The Winner Was

10/2/2020                       Greenville, ME                         The Big Bet

9/25/2020                       Greenville, ME                         Vitriol

9/18/2020                       Greenville, ME                         Privilege

9/11/2020                       Greenville, ME                         Scurrilous Gossip

9/4/2020                         Greenville, ME                         Biodiversity

8/28/2020                       Greenville, ME                         Troubles

8/21/2020                       Greenville, ME                         Ode to a Plant

8/14/2020                       Greenville, ME                         Privileged

8/7/2020                         Greenville, ME                         School’s Out

7/31/2020                       Greenville, ME                         Oregon

7/24/2020                       Greenville, ME                         Free Higher Education

7/17/2020                       Greenville, ME                         Percentages

7/10/2020                       Greenville, ME                         The End of Comedy

7/3/2020                         Everywhere, USA                    It Does Not Work

6/26/2020                       Greenville, SC                          COVID Road Trip

6/19/2020                       Charlotte, NC                           You Can’t Say That

6/12/2020                       Greenville, SC                          Public Education

6/5/2020                         Springfield, VA                        Be Careful

5/29/2020                       Bangor, ME                             Fear of Flying

5/22/2020                       Greenville, ME                         Juice

5/15/2020                       Greenville, ME                         2239

5/8/2020                         Sturbridge, MA                        Trail of Tears

5/1/2020                         Springfield, VA                        Phase 1

4/24/2020                       Washington, D.C.                    Murder, He Wrote

4/17/2020                       Springfield, VA                        Bureaucratic Bluster

4/10/2020                       Springfield, VA                        Etiquette, COVID-style

4/3/2020                         Springfield, VA                        Bears

3/27/2020                       Springfield, VA                        Ready for Chaos?

3/20/2020                       Springfield, VA                        COVID-19

3/13/2020                       Richmond, VA                         Politician’s Promises

3/6/2020                         Takoma Park, MD          Wrong Worries

2/28/2020                       Miami, FL                                Face It!

2/21/2028                       Springfield, VA                        Goals for 2020

2/14/2020                       Springfield, VA                        Kobe

2/7/2020                         Lorton, VA                              Is This What You Want?

1/31/2020                       Miami, FL                                Not Your Father’s Cruise

1/24/2020                       Washington, D.C.                    Gotch Ya

1/17/2020                       at sea                                       Cruisin

1/10/2020                       at sea near Cuba                       Fateful Decisions

1/3/2020                         Springfield, VA                        How I Did



Date                               Dateline                                   Title


12/25/2019                     Gainesville, VA                       My Guns

11/29/2019                     Springfield, VA                        Want a C?

11/22/2019                     Springfield, VA                        Inappropriate Intervention

11/15/2019                     Lorton, VA                              They’re Watching

11/18/2019                     New York, NY                         Child Scorn

11/1/2019                       Greenville, ME                         Not My Children

10/25/2019                     Augusta, ME                            Promises

10/18/2019                     Annapolis, MD                        Intellectual Isolationism

10/11/2019                     Greenville, ME                         Pickin’ Primer

10/4/2019                       Goshen, IN                              Fab Fair

9/27/2019                       Bangor, ME                   Roadies

9/20/2019                       Greenville, ME                         No, No, No!

9/13/2019                       Along U.S. 1, Maine                 Miles of Marijuana

9/6/2019                         Greenville, ME                         Maine Elixir

7/26/2019                       Greenville, ME                         It Can Be Fixed!

7/19/2019                       Greenville, ME                         Flash Mob

7/12/2019                       Washington, D.C.                    Flag Burning

7/5/2019                         Piscataquis County, ME           A Zillion of ’em

6/28/2019                       Northern Maine                        54 to 18 in 50

6/21/2019                       Shirley, ME                             An Even Dozen             

6/14/2019                       Greenville, ME                         Night Moves

6/7/2019                         Greenville, ME                         Privilege, SAT Style

5/31/2019                       Covington, KY                        Kate Smith

5/24/2019                       Chitré, Panama                        Settled Science

5/17/2019                       Chitré, Panama                        Harry, Graeme and Jessica

5/10/2019                       Chagres Nat. Park, Panama      Up a River                     

5/3/2019                         Panama City, Panama               Julia Adrift

4/26/2019                       Chorilla, Panama                     It’s Complicated

4/19/2019                       Panama City, Panama               First Impressions

4/12/2019                       Springfield, VA                        Lose the Hyphen

4/5/2019                         New York City, NY                 A Giant Rat

3/29/2019                       Springfield, VA                        Babies for Sale

3/22/2019                       On a road in Tanzania              A Ride on the Wild Side

3/15/2019                       Washington, D.C.                    Under Siege

3/8/2019                         Stella Maris Hotel, Tanzania    Third World

3/1/2019                         Richmond, VA                         Murder

2/22/2019                       Karatu, Tanzania                      Noel

2/15/2019                       Arusha, Tanzania                     Marketing

2/8/2019                         Arusha, Tanzania                     Motorcycle Boys

2/1/2019                         Moshi, Tanzania                      Stuck Tunes

1/25/2019                       Near Moshi, Tanzania              Citizen of the World

1/18/2019                       Stonetown, Zanzibar                Junior Partner

1/11/2019                       Fumba Beach, Zanzibar            Sights and Sounds

1/4/2019                         Springfield, VA                        Recap



Date                               Dateline                                   Title

12/28/2018                     Springfield, VA                        Men

12/21/2018                     Montgomery County, MD        Excused Absences

12/14/2018                     Lewiston, ME                          Energy Wars

12/7/2018                       Washington, D.c.                     License to Steal

11/30/2018                     Springfield, VA                        Four Loko Gold

11/23/2018                     Charlotte, NC                           Not So Fast          

11/16/2018                     Springfield, VA                        Obits

11/9/2018                       Greenville, ME                         Foliage Festival

11/2/2018                       Memphis, TN                           Dog Whistles

10/26/2018                     Greenville, ME                         Drill, Baby, Drill!

10/19/2018                     Greenville, ME                         Well Woes

10/12/2018                     Catania, Sicily                          Pathway to Victory

10/5/2018                       On Mount Etna, Sicily              I Burn

9/28/2018                       Washington, D.C.                    End of an Era?

9/21/2018                       Kineo Island, ME                     Gone and Lost Himself

9/14/2018                       Greenville, ME                         Missing Moral Compass

9/7/2018                         Agrigento, Sicily                      Valley of the Temples

8/31/2018                       Washington, D.C.                    The National Post-time

8/24/2018                       Caltagirone, Sicily                    Roman Excess

8/17/2018                       Catania, Sicily                          THE Issue  

8/10/2018                       Washington, D.C.                    School’s Out for Summer

8/3/2018                         Palermo, Sicily                         Sins of Our Fathers

7/27/2018                       Marsala, Sicily                         My Land is Your Land

7/20/2018                       Monreale, Sicily                       New Number One

7/13/2018                       Aboard SWA flt 1499              Airborne

7/6/2018                         Seattle, WA                             Seattle Slew Redux

6/29/2018                       Spokane, WA                           Annual Meeting

6/22/2108                       Spokane, WA                           Mary Jane  

6/15/18                          Woodbridge, VA                      Hiking and Immigration

6/8/2018                         Goblin Valley State Park, UT   Desert Casting

6/1/2018                         Marken, The Netherlands Water Management       

5/25/2018                       Amsterdam, The Netherlands   So Nice!

5/18/2018                       Springfield, VA                        He Touched Me!            

5/11/2018                       Karafu, Tanzania                      80 Students

5/4/2018                         Springfield, VA                        Three Full Bags             

4/27/2018                       Serengeti Nat. Park, Tanzania   Safari Glamping

4/20/2018                       Serengeti Nat. Park, Tanzania   Animals of the Serengeti

4/13/2018                       Serengeti Nat. Park, Tanzania   Zebras and Friends

4/6/2018                         In a Maasai village, Tanzania   The Maasai

3/30/2018                       Tarangire Nat Park, Tanzania   Violent Encounter

3/23/2018                       Tarangire Nat Park, Tanzania   Up Close and Personal

3/16/2018                       Amsterdam, The Netherlands   Bicycle Boom

3/9/2018                         Amsterdam, The Netherlands   Anne Frank

3/2/2018                         Springfield, VA                        Music to Our Ears

2/23/2018                       Springfield, VA                        Guns Revisited

2/16/2018                       Philadelphia, PA                      Driverless Cars

2/9/2018                         Springfield, VA                        #MeToo

2/2/2018                         Haltwhistle, England                An Earlier Wall

1/26/2018                       Portsmouth, VA                       Cedar Grove Cemetery

1/19/2018                       Washington, DC                      Horrid Hatred

1/12/2018                       Springfield, VA                        How I Did in 2017

1/5/2018                         Orlando, FL                    Airport Angst      



Date                               Dateline                                   Title

12/29/2017                     Memphis, TN                           Controversial Confederate

12/22/2017                     New York, NY                         The City That Never Sleeps

12/15/2017                     Reykjavik, Iceland          Crazy High Prices

12/8/2017                       Memphis, TN                           Leonard’s

12/1/2017                       London, England                     Might Makes Right…again

11/24/2017                     Haltwhistle, England                Counting Sheep

11/17/2017                     Banbury, England                    And Then There Was One

11/10/2017                     Oxford, England                      Narropera

11/3/2017                       Oxford, England                      Grand Gaudy

10/27/2017                     Winter Springs, FL                   Gordie Evans

10/20/2017                     Falls Church, VA                     Nuclear Medicine

10/13/2017                     Greenville, ME                         Maine Farming

10/6/2017                       Greenville, ME                         Fishing Follies

9/29/2017                       North Adams, MA          Who Lives Here?

9/22/2017                       Along the A.T.                         State Challenge    

9/15/2017                       Greenville, ME                         When The Body Speaks

9/8/2017                         Nellysford, VA                        Pipeline Politics

9/1/2017                         Washington, D.C.                    The Originalist

8/25/2017                       Chicago, IL                              Familiar Fantasy

8/18/2017                       South Run Park, VA                 Not All Are Equal

8/11/2017                       Springfield, VA                        Aging Angst

8/4/2017                         Charlotte, NC                           Wyeth Family

7/28/2017                       Springfield, VA                        They’re Back!

7/21/2017                       Montanas Fjord, Chile              Fine Fyord

7/14/2017                       Washington, D.C.                    Health Priorities

7/7/2017                         Puerto Varas, Chile                  Reflections on a Lake

6/30/2017                       Annapolis, MD                        Warriors

6/23/2017                       New York, NY                         Start Spreading the News

6/16/2017                       Springfield, VA                        And Then There Were None

6/9/2017                         Springfield, VA                        Male Mischief

6/2/2017                         Carthage, NC                           Revenuers Round 3

5/26/2017                       Bariloche, Argentina                Nazi Nexus

5/19/2017                       Puerto Varas, Chile                  Indigenous

5/12/2017                       Buenos Aires, Argentina          He Did What?

5/5/2017                         Santiago, Chile                         Calle Pio Nono

4/28/2017                       Valparaiso, Chile                      Great Graffiti

4/21/2017                       Aboard M/V Skorpios, Chile    Glacier Surfing

4/14/2017                       Torres del Paine, Chile             Killing Fields

4/7/2017                         Santiago, Chile                         Park PDA

3/31/2017                       Carthage, NC                           Revenuers Round 2

3/24/2017                       San Pedro de Atacama, Chile    Midnight at the Oasis

3/17/2017                       Santiago, Chile                         Superb Santiago

3/10/2017                       Santiago, Chile                         Open Borders

3/3/2017                         Fredericksburg, VA                  Bus Blues

2/24/2017                       Springfield, VA                        Marlboro Men

2/17/2017                       Zion National Park, UT            Serendipity

2/10/2017                       Washington, D.C.                    Consequences

2/3/2017                         Washington, D.C.                    Inauguration Week

1/27/2017                       Carthage, NC                           Revenuers

1/20/2017                       Springfield, VA                        Rigor

1/13/2017                       Springfield, VA                        How I Did in 2016

1/6/2017                         Lower Wilson Pond, ME Jam Junkie



Date                               Dateline                                   Title

12/30/2016                     Storrs, CT                                2,4,6,8…Let’s Segregate

12/23/2016                     Storrs. CT                                Campus Culture

12/16/2016                     Springfield, VA                        Bad Choice

12/9/2016                       Budapest, Hungary                   Shoes of Shame

12/2/2016                       Budapest, Hungary                   Never Lose

11/25/2018                     Springfield, VA                        Wildlife

11/18/2016                     Springfield, VA                        The 2016 Election

11/11/2016                     Greenville, ME                         NIMR

11/4/2016                       Greenville, ME                         In the Blood

10/28/2016                     Springfield, VA                        One Trick Pony

10/21/2016                     New Haven, CT                       Muhammad Ali    

10/14/2016                     Central Europe, 2016               Jewels of Bohemia

10/7/2016                       Lipno, Czech Republic             Tree Top Walk

9/30/2016                       Cesky Krumlov, Czech Rep      Castle Town

9/23/2016                       Slavonice, Czech Republic       Hidden Delights

9/16/2016                       Vojna Memorial, Czech Rep.    Sobering Site

9/9/2016                         Annapolis, MD                        Bob Timberg

9/2/2016                         Bethesda, MD                          Old School

8/26/2016                       Cedar Mesa BLM, UT              Battle of Bears Ears

8/19/2016                       Cedar Mesa BLM, UT              My Canyon

8/12/2016                       Natural Bridges Nat Mon, UT   Natural Bridges

8/5/2016                         Canyonlands Nat Park, UT       Inevitable Entropy

7/29/2016                       Bethesda, MD                          Old School

7/22/2016                       Zion National Park, UT            Guardian Angels

7/15/2016                       Springfield, VA                        Wiry Weeds

7/8/2016                         Hue, Vietnam                           Dragon Boats

7/1/2016                         Hoi An, Vietnam                      Return to Cua Dai

6/24/2016                       Springfield, VA                        Pop

6/17/2016                       Hoi An, Vietnam                      Tailor Made

6/10/2016                       Hanoi, Vietnam                        Hanoi Hilton

6/3/2016                         Tho Ha Hamlet, Vietnam The Mayor

5/27/2016                       Hanoi, Vietnam                        Uncle Ho

5/20/2016                       Inside the Chu Chi, Vietnam     What Were We Thinking?

5/13/2016                       Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam     Motor Scooters

5/6/2016                         Dalat, Vietnam                         Flower Power

4/29/2016                       Bat Trang, Vietnam                  Mr. Duc

4/22/2016                       Tho Ha Hamlet, Vietnam Trinh Quang Viet

4/15/2016                       Hanoi, Vietnam                        Hanoi

4/8/2016                         Bangkok, Thailand          Colored Stools

4/1/2016                         Bangkok, Thailand          Weekend Market

3/25/2016                       Doha, Qatar                             Breakfast over Baghdad

3/18/2016                       Oxford, England                      A Different Britain

3/11/2016                       London, England                     Lovely London

3/4/2016                         Oxford, England                      Eating High

2/26/2016                       Springfield, VA                        Support Scam

2/19/2016                       Northleach, England                 The Wool Church

2/12/2016                       In the Sahara, Morocco            The Great Desert  

2/5/2016                         Springfield, VA                        The Pathway

1/29/2016                       Portsmouth, VA                       Electron Roulette

1/22/2016                       Fairfax, VA                             How Much?

1/15/2016                       Manassas, VA                          Morality, What is it?

1/8/2016                         Springfield, VA                        Resolutions Results

1/1/2016                         Charlotte, NC                           The American Dream


Date                               Dateline                                   Title

12/25/2015                     Rabat, Morocco                       Ram Ritual

12/18/2015                     Baltimore, MD                         Order or Anarchy

12/11/2015                     Miami Beach, FL                      Conspicuous Consumption

12/4/2015                       Marrakech, Morocco                Moroccan Mafia

11/27/2015                     Springfield, VA                        Thanksgiving 2015

11/20/2015                     Tineghir, Morocco          Torture Treatment

11/13/2015                     Casablanca, Morocco               Initial Impressions

11/6/2015                       Topsail Island, NC          Beach Report

10/30/2015                     Woodbridge, VA                      Funeral Fashions

10/23/2015                     Greenville, ME                         National Service

10/16/2015                     Greenville, ME                         Look North

10/9/2015                       Greenville, ME                         The Wave

10/2/2015                       Greenville, ME                         Can He Can

9/25/2015                       Patan, Nepal                   Living Goddess

9/18/2015                       Burke, VA                               Wild Blackberries

9/11/2015                       On the A.T. NC/TN border       Max Patch

9/4/2015                         Alexandria, VA                        Moksha

8/28/2015                       Springfield, VA                        The Iran Deal

8/21/2015                       Durham, NC                            Immigration Imbroglio II

8/14/2015                       Washington, DC                      Book of Mormon, The Play

8/7/2015                         Springfield, VA                        Weed Whacking

7/31/2015                       Fairfax, VA                             Immigration Imbroglio

7/24/2015                       Washington, DC                      A Night at the Park

7/17/2015                       Cary, NC                                 Independence Day

7/10/2015                       Kathmandu, Nepal          Maoists and Marxists

7/3/2015                         Aboard the Carolinian              Not Your Father’s Train

6/26/2015                       Springfield, VA                        Gradeless in Seattle

6/19/2015                       Springfield, VA                        10 Year Plan

6/12/2015                       Agra, India                               The Taj

6/5/2015                         Kathmandu, Nepal          Traffic Patterns

5/29/2015                       Delhi, India                              Total Chaos

5/22/2015                       Kathmandu, Nepal          Electrical Envy

5/15/2015                       Chicago, IL                              State Street

5/8/2015                         Chicago, IL                              Mighty Museum

5/1/2015                         Khokana, Nepal                       Monkey Business

4/24/2015                       Springfield, VA                        Karen Brown

4/17/2015                       Khilchipur, India                      Substitute Teacher

4/10/2015                       Ranthambhore, India                Food Chain

4/3/2015                         Agra, India                               Sunday in the Park

3/27/2015                       Ranthambhore, India                Animal House

3/20/2015                       Agra, India                               Wedding Season

3/13/2015                       South Ozone Park, NYC, NY   Dirty Little Secret

3/6/2015                         Harrisburg, PA                         Star Light, Star Bright

2/27/2015                       Prince George’s County, MD    Debtor Nation

2/20/2015                       Washington, DC                      Following in his Footsteps

2/13/2015                       Washington, DC                      Freebies

2/6/2015                         Washington, DC                      Metro Mess

1/30/2015                       Springfield, VA                        Religion

1/23/2015                       Springfield, VA                        Deep in the Sea

1/16/2015                       Elkins, WV                              Easy Street

1/9/2015                         Springfield, VA                        Resolve to Resolve

1/2/2015                         Richmond, VA                         What is “Justice”?



Date                               Dateline                                   Title

12/26/2014                     Springfield, VA                        Broken Windows

12/19/2014                     Cincinnati, OH                         Do You Know?

12/12/2014                     Cincinnati, OH                         The Flower House

12/5/2014                       Mammoth Cave, KY                Stephen Bishop

11/28/2014                     Springfield, VA                        Thanksgiving 2014

11/21/2014                     Fort Belvoir, VA                      Hechingerized

11/14/2014                     Louisville, KY                         Ash or Maple

11/7/2014                       Springfield, VA                        Eck Muessig

10/31/2014                     Lexington, KY                         Rosie!

10/24/2014                     Cave City, KY                         Floyd Collins

10/17/2014                     Woodbridge, VA                      Car Leasing 101

10/10/2014                     San Diego, CA                         Car Buying 101

10/3/2014                       Woodbridge, VA                      Car Stuff

9/26/2014                       Springfield, VA                        Wrong War

9/19/2014                       Brunswick, ME                        World Views

9/12/2014                       Fairfax, VA                             Incarcerated

9/5/2014                         Springfield, VA                        Bad Choices

8/29/2014                       Bangor, ME                   Bears Beware      

8/22/2104                       Greenville, ME                         The Last Log Run

8/15/2014                       Elephant Mountain, ME           Ten Seconds

8/8/2014                         Fort Mitchell, KY                     Jim Scott

8/1/2014                         Springfield, VA                        Got Gout?

7/25/2014                       Topsail Beach, NC          Arthur Part 3

7/18/2014                       Topsail Beach, NC          Arthur Part 2

7/11/2014                       Topsail Beach, NC          Arthur Part 1

7/4/2014                         Fairfax, VA                             Washed Out!

6/27/2014                       Burke, VA                               School Daze

6/20/2014                       Fairfax, VA                             Court Quirks

6/13/2014                       Upperville, VA                        Ron Maggiano

6/6/2014                         New Orleans, LA                     Celebrity Sighting

5/30/2014                       New Orleans, LA                     Culinary Kudos

5/23/2014                       Cusco, Peru                             Infrastructure Improvement

5/16/2014                       Fairfax, VA                             Umbrella Umbrage

5/9/2014                         Boston, MA                   Mike’s Pastry

5/2/2014                         Lima, Peru                               Two Nations

4/25/2014                       Crowders Mountain, NC Gaston Gagger

4/18/2014                       Izcuchaca, Peru                        Oven Operator

4/11/2014                       Boston, MA                   Banned in Boston

4/4/2014                         Lima, Peru                               Dust to Dust

3/28/2014                       Juliaca, Peru                   Foreign Air Travel

3/21/2014                       Cusco, Peru                             Huelga!

3/14/2014                       Ayaviri, Peru                           Rebar Roofs

3/7/2004                         Washington, DC                      Distance Matters                     

2/28/2014                       Springfield, VA                        Mixed Emotions

2/21/2014                       Washington, DC                      Abortion

2/14/2014                       Washington, DC                      Totally Natural

2/7/2014                         Springfield, VA                        Year of the Girl

1/31/2014                       Washington, DC                      Flashdance, the Play

1/24/2014                       Springfield, VA                        Country Cousins

1/17/2014                       Springfield, VA                        Resolution Results

1/10/2014                       Los Angeles, CA                      Compare and Contrast I

1/3/2014                         Reefton, New Zealand              Enterprising Entrepreneur



Date                               Dateline                                   Title

12/27/2013                     Paris, KY                                 Dry Stone Fences

12/20/2013                     Houlton, ME                            Down East Eating

12/13/2013                     Pittston Farm, ME                    Jennyo

12/6/2013                       Hobart, Tasmania, Australia     Saturday on Salamanca

11/29/2013                     Daintree, Australia                   Cassowaries and Crocs

11/22/2013                     Topsail Island, NC          Wasted Waves

11/15/2013                     Alice Springs, Australia           Camels and Kangaroos

11/8/2013                       Sydney, Australia                     No Free Lunch

11/1/2013                       Fox Glacier, New Zealand        Bright Lights

10/25/2013                     Springfield, VA                        Rotary Club Speech

10/18/2013                     Knobs Flat, New Zealand Mammal Menace

10/11/2013                     East of Henderson, NV             Happy Hermit

10/4/2013                       Springfield, VA                        Berry Beginner

9/27/2013                       Cambridge, New Zealand         Jersey Girls

9/20/2013                       Washington, D.C.                    War?

9/13/2013                       Canberra, ACT, Australia         Moving Memorial

9/6/2013                         Topsail Island, NC          Reality Check

8/30/2013                       Melbourne, KY                        Shotgun Saga

8/23/2013                       Canberra, ACT, Australia         No Boundaries

8/16/2013                       Pender County, NC                  Sedge Who?

8/9/2013                         Seneca Rocks, WV                   Assault Climbing

8/2/2013                         Flock Hill Station, N. Zealand  Sheep Station

7/26/2013                       Raleigh, NC                    Watch Your Wallet

7/19/2013                       Springfield, VA                        Pond Problems

7/12/2013                       Aboard TSS Earnslaw              Earnslaw’s Eleanor

7/5/2013                         Milford Sound, New Zealand    Mighty Milford

6/28/2013                       Fort Belvoir, VA                      Your Money

6/21/2013                       Rotorua, New Zealand              Earth on Fire

6/14/2013                       Auckland, New Zealand           Mammals and Maori

5/31/2013                       Springfield, VA                        Interesting Insects

5/24/2013                       Sydney, Australia                     Prosperous Island

5/17/2013                       Lexington, KY                         A Day at the Track

5/10/2013                       Adelaide, Australia                  Aussie Animals

5/3/2013                         Seneca Rocks, WV                   Appalachian Spring

4/26/2013                       Melbourne, Australia               Aussie Angel

4/19/2013                       Washington, D.C.                    Last Dance

4/12/2013                       Melbourne, Australia               Pretty Parliament

4/5/2013                         Campbell Town, Tasmania       Harold Gatty

3/29/2013                       Ross, Tasmania                        Pies and Prisoners

3/22/2013                       Canberra, Australia                  Dragon Boating

3/15/2013                       Tinbinbilla, ACT, Australia      Space Chat

3/8/2013                         Murrumbateman, Australia       Wine Wisdom

3/1/2013                         Springfield, VA                        Community Service

2/22/2013                       Springfield, VA                        The Climber

2/15/2013                       Washington, DC                      Another Acronym

2/8/2013                         Springfield, VA                        BPPV

2/1/2013                         Springfield, VA                        Guns

1/25/2013                       Fairfax, VA                             James M. Buchanan

1/18/2013                       Portsmouth, VA                       The Elizabeth

1/11/2013                       Springfield, VA                        Recurring Resolutions

1/4/2013                         Clarksville, IN                          Rock of Ages



Date                               Dateline                                   Title

12/28/2012                     Washington, DC                      EEOC – Eek!

12/21/2012                     Washington, DC                      Modern Mores

12/14/2012                     Louisville, KY                         The Other Clark

12/7/2012                       Washington, DC                      9-1-1

11/30/2012                     Lexington, KY                         Keeneland

11/23/2012                     Melbourne, KY                        My Dog Tick

11/16/2012                     Millburn, NJ                            Righteous Reunion

11/9/2012                       Springfield, VA                        Election Experience

11/2/2012                       Skowhegan, ME                       Water Worries                        

10/26/2012                     Washington, DC                      NBA Insider

10/19/2012                     Eagle Lake, ME                       Fishing Follies

10/12/2012                     Caribou, ME                            Distinctly Different

10/5/2012                       Greenville, ME                         Thoreau Slept Here

9/28/2015                       Piscataquis County, ME           Gulf Hagas

9/21/2012                       Fairfax, VA                             Raucous Rally

9/14/2012                       Springfield, VA                        Obit Bits

9/12/2012                       Fairfax Station, VA                  What Do You Want?               

8/31/2012                       Las Vegas, NV                         PC

8/24/2012                       Topsail Beach, NC          Iron Invasion

8/17/2012                       Topsail Beach, NC          Lessons Learned

8/10/2102                       On the Arizona Strip                Pipe Spring

8/3/2012                         Roanoke, VA                           Fighting Words

7/27/2012                       Springfield, VA                        Snuffing Snakes

7/20/2012                       Washington, DC                      Coffee Companions

7/13/2012                      Washington, DC                      Classy Corporation        

7/6/2012                         Zion National Park, UT            Living High

6/29/2012                       Las Vegas, NV                         Only in Vegas

6/22/2102                      Las Vegas, NV                         Red Rocks

6/15/2012                       Milwaukee, WI                        Sister Mara

6/8/2012                         Washington, DC                      Fair Ball

6/1/2012                         Greensboro, NC                       Great Greene

5/25/2012                       Greensboro, NC                       Fever Factor

5/18/2012                       Washington, DC                      Will vs. Dionne

5/11/2012                       South Hill, VA                         Redbuds and Dogwoods

5/4/2012                         Wake County, NC          Park Pleasures

4/27/2012                       Springfield, VA                        Stupid

4/20/2012                       Indianapolis, IN                       Occupy Indy

4/13/2012                       Wilmington, DE                       Extreme Elegance

4/6/2012                         Fajardo, Puerto Rico                 No Mismo

3/30/2012                       Fajardo, Puerto Rico                 Bad Basura

3/23/2012                       Levittown, Puerto Rico             Magnificent Mofongo

3/16/2012                       Rincón, Puerto Rico                 Puerto Rican Politicians

3/9/2012                         Springfield, VA                       Fair??

3/2/2012                         Washington, DC                      Compare and Contrast

2/24/2012                       Charlotte, NC                           Bad Basketball

2/17/2012                       Mecklenburg County, NC         Neglected Bones

2/10/2012                       Madison County, VA               Rocking Rag II

2/3/2012                         Tysons Corner, VA                  Unimaginable

1/27/2012                       Aboard M/V Elwha                  San Juan Islands

1/20/2012                       Chantilly, VA                          Gambling

1/13/2012                       Victoria, British Columbia       Winter Wonderland

1/6/2012                         Springfield, VA                        Overdue Divorce



Date                               Dateline                                   Title

12/30/2011                     Seattle, WA                             Inevitable Rationing

12/23/2011                     Springdale, UT                         Angels Landing

12/16/2011                     Bryce Canyon, UT          Hoodoo Heaven

12/9/2011                       Fruita, UT                                Capitol Reef

12/2/2011                       New Orleans, LA                     Nawlins

11/25/2011                     New Orleans, LA                     Placing the Bar

11/18/2011                     Fairfax, VA                             Monique the Unique

11/11/2011                     Washington, DC                      Pearson Place

11/4/2011                       Springfield, VA                        Lonely Hearts

10/28/2011                     Springfield, VA                        Naturally

10/21/2011                     Pope Valley, CA                      Cleavage Creek                       

10/14/2011                     Bangor, ME                   Angelic Angelo’s

10/7/2011                       Greenville, ME                         Voided Villages

9/30/2011                       Acadia National Park, ME        Classy Cadillac

9/23/2011                       Bangor, ME                   In the Eye of the Storm

9/16/2011                       Assateague Island, VA             Interesting Islands

9/9/2011                         Yosemite National Park, CA     Treacherous Trails

9/2/2011                         Springfield, VA                        Thought Game

8/26/2011                       Lynchburg, VA                        Bad Bypasses

8/19/2011                       Lynchburg, VA                        False Flunk

8/12/2011                       Springfield, VA                        End These Wars Now

8/5/2011                         Washington, DC                      How Much Would You Pay

7/29/2011                       South Lake Tahoe, NV             Not My Favorite

7/22/2011                       Northern Nevada                      Wild West

7/15/2011                       Napa, CA                                 Wine Train

7/8/2011                         St. Helena, CA                         Cheers!

6/18/2011                       Madison County, VA               Vanishing Farms

6/11/2011                       Pensacola Beach, FL                Boys Will Be Boys

6/4/2011                         Pensacola Beach, FL                Weighty Matters

5/27/2011                       Pensacola, FL                           Woods n’ Water

5/13/2011                       Cary, NC                                 Hard Choices

5/6/2011                         Springfield, VA                        Mother’s Day

4/29/2011                       Springfield, VA                        Stealthy Stinkers

4/22/2011                       Springfield, VA                        Medical Mess

4/15/2011                       Springfield, VA                        You Can’t Afford Me

4/1/2011                         Springfield, VA                        Too Much Toiletry

3/25/2011                       Springfield, VA                        Horrific Holodomor

3/18/2011                       White Post, VA                        Chick Abeles

3/11/2011                       Somewhere over the Atlantic    Sky Stuff

3/4/2011                         Rockland, ME                          Oil of Olé

2/25/2011                       Loudoun County, VA               Executive Excess

2/18/2011                       Las Croabas, Puerto Rico Lit Lagoon

2/11/2011                       Fajardo, Puerto Rico                 Playa Colora

2/4/2011                         Fajardo, Puerto Rico                 Una Cabalgata

1/28/2011                       Fajardo, Puerto Rico                 Reserva Natural

1/21/2011                       Springfield, VA                        Vicarious Values

1/14/2011                       Charlotte, NC                           Climate Con

1/7/2011                         Springfield, VA                        Animal Writes


Date                               Dateline                                   Title

12/24/2010                     Washington, DC                      Here Comes Santa

12/10/2010                     Springfield, VA                        The Root Cause

11/26/2010                     Pensacola Beach, FL                Cleaning Up on Oil

11/19/2010                     San Diego, CA                         Fish Rap

11/12/2010                     San Diego, CA                         Water Wonderland

11/5/2010                       St. Louis, MO                          Mid-Air Mall

10/22/10                         Springfield, VA                        What to do in Education?

10/8/2010                       Washington, DC                      Wrong Reforms Part 2

10/1/2010                       Washington, DC                      Wrong Reforms Part 1

9/24/2010                       Cambridge, MD                       Beautiful Blackwater

9/17/2010                       Washington, DC                      Institutional Insanity

9/10/2010                       Augusta, ME                            Fungi and Foxes

9/3/2010                         Pensacola Beach, FL                BP Bob

8/27/2010                       Pensacola, FL                           Ken he do it?

8/20/2010                       Pensacola Beach, FL                No Oil, No Tourists

8/13/2010                       Haverhill, MA                          Haverhill History

8/6/2010                         College Park, MD                    Rue the Random

7/30/2010                       Springfield, VA                        Bad Buddy

7/23/2010                       Topsail Beach, NC          Body Surfing

7/16/2010                       Topsail Beach, NC          Troubling Trend

7/9/2010                         Raleigh, NC                    Gap Year

7/2/2010                         Washington, DC                      Burkina Faso

6/25/2010                       Memphis, TN                           Graceland

6/18/2010                       Memphis, TN                           Internet Intrigue

6/11/2010                       Vienna, VA                              Aging Rockers

6/4/2010                         Washington, DC                      Baseball Blunders

5/28/10                          Virginia City, NV                     Eerie Epitaph

5/21/2010                       Springfield, VA                        Politesse, Please

5/14/2010                       Virginia City, NV                     Good Gunslingers

5/7/2010                         Reno, NV                                 Jumbo Jackpot

4/30/2010                       Dallas, TX                               Census Nonsense

3/26/2010                       Baltimore, MD                         Medical Madness

3/5/2010                         Danville, PA                            Grand Geisinger

2/26/2010                       Tysons Corner, VA                  Justice for Some

2/19/2010                       Springfield, VA                        Snow Daze

2/12/2010                       San Juan, Puerto Rico               PR Problems

2/5/2010                         Arecibo, Puerto Rico                Traveling with Teens

1/29/2010                       New Orleans, LA                     Bourbon on the Rocks

1/22/2010                       San Antonio, TX                      Santa Who?

1/15/2010                       Cary, NC                                 Bread and Brunch



Date                               Dateline                                   Title

11/6/2009                       Covington, KY                        Classy CLS

10/30/2009                     Fort Stockton, TX                    Pickens Plan

10/23/2009                     West Point, GA                        Kia Culture

10/16/2009                     Monson, ME                            A.T. Maine

10/9/2009                       Pensacola, FL                           Lawyer Landslide

10/2/2009                       Milton, Fl                                 Che!

9/25/2009                       El Centro, CA                          The Great I-8

9/18/2009                       Thornton Gap, VA          AT Day 3 PM

9/11/2009                       Pass Mountain, VA                  AT Day 3 AM

9/4/2009                         Breahm’s Gap, VA                   AT Day 2 PM

8/28/2009                       Hogback Mountain, VA           AT Day 2 AM

8/21.2009                       Gravel Springs Hut, VA           AT Day 1 PM

8/14/2009                       Front Royal, VA                      AT Day 1 AM

8/7/2009                         Covington, KY                        Wicked Wealth?

7/31/2009                       Lexington, KY                         Library Largess

7/24/2009                       San Diego, CA                         IOU (and Everyone Else)

7/17/2009                       Springfield, VA                        Lousy Lilies

7/10/2009                       Mission Beach, CA                  Mission Possible

7/3/2009                         Del Mar, CA                            Surf and Turf

6/26/2009                       Del Mar, CA                            Fried Fun

6/19/2009                       Springfield, VA                        June is a Joke

6/12/2009                       Williamsburg, VA                    Not So Free Fall

6/5/2009                         Fairfax, VA                             Vetting Vocabulary

5/29/2009                       Appalachian Trail, VA             Bum Bible

5/22/2009                       Shenandoah Nat. Park, VA       Lessons Learned

5/15/2009                       Henrico County, VA                NASCAR Notes

5/8/2009                         Henrico County, VA                Racing Russ

5/1/2009                         San Diego, CA                         Education Errors

4/26/2009                       Washington, DC                      Demise of Democracy?

4/17/2009                       San Diego, CA                         Dry Days             

4/10/2009                       Spokane, WA                           Future Zag?

4/3/2009                         Seattle, WA                             Seattle Slew

3/27/2009                       Blacksburg, VA                       Mountain Mess

3/20/2009                       Acadia Nat. Park, ME              Incredible Acadia

3/13/2009                       Acadia Nat. Park, ME              Going Green

3/6/2009                         Countryside, USA                    Train Travel

2/27/2009                       Washington, DC                      Force-Fed Folly

2/20/2009                       Falls Church, VA                     Cardiac Care?

2/13/2009                       Springfield, VA                        Where are Women?

2/6/2009                         Fairfax County, VA                  Board Battles

1/30/2009                       Rincón, Puerto Rico                 On Loan

1/23/2009                       Rincón, Puerto Rico                 Se Vende

1/16/2009                       San Juan, Puerto Rico               Puerto Rican Problema

1/9/2009                         Washington, DC                      Clever Con

1/2/2009                         Washington, DC                      Stupid Stimulus



Date                               Dateline                                   Title

12/19/2008                     Arlington, VA                          Too Good

12/12/2008                     Charlotte, NC                           Excessive Excess

12/5/2008                       Charlotte, NC                           Foul Forecast

11/28/2008                     Arlington, VA                          Marathon Madness

11/21/2008                     Washington, DC                      Elections, Economics and Entropy

11/14/2008                     Springfield, VA                        Humble Hugh

11/8/2008                       Springfield, VA                        BTSN

11/1/2008                       Springfield, VA                        Reality Rally

10/24/2008                     York, PA                                 Fair Fun

10/17/2008                     Cary, NC                                 Pabulum and Platitudes

10/10/2008                     Fairfax, VA                             VCB by WA

10/3/2008                       Timonium, MD                        Terrific Travis

9/26/2008                       Weston, ME                   Bass Bonanza

9/19/2008                       Danforth, ME                           Wood They?

9/12/2008                       Topsail Island, NC          Beach Birding

9/5/2008                         Millinocket, ME                       Male Pattern Madness

8/29/2008                       Enaville, ID                              Popular Pit

8/22/2008                       Taft, MT                                  Men Made It

8/15/2008                       Taft, MT                                  Happy Hiawatha

8/8/2008                         Seattle, WA                             Metro Mirage

8/1/2008                         Continental Divide, CO            Lovely Loveland

7/25/2008                       Denver, CO                              Downtown Denver

7/18/2008                       Springfield, VA                        Rules Rant

7/11/2008                       Falls Lake, NC                         Luscious Lake

7/4/2008                         Raleigh, NC                    Banking Bombs

6/27/2008                       Creedmore, NC                        Bio Battle

6/20/2008                       Butner, NC                              Bob’s is Best

6/13/2008                       Sperryville, VA                        Rocking Rag

6/6/2008                         Garner, NC                              Walking Wisdom

5/30/2008                       Springfield, VA                        Mandated Mediocrity

5/23/2008                       Morrisville, NC                        Natural Neighbors

5/16/2008                       Cary, NC                                 Hail Yes!

5/9/2008                         Springfield, VA                        Music Man

5/2/2008                         Washington, DC                      Metro Madness

4/25/2008                       Charlotte, NC                           Whitewater Wonder

4/18/2008                       Saddlebrook, NY                     Traveler Trauma

4/11/2008                       New York, NY                         Bravo Broadway

4/4/2008                         Chicago, IL                              Clear Air

3/28/2008                       San Diego, CA                         Hiker Heaven

3/21/2008                       Borrego Springs, CA                Hell Hole

3/14/2008                       Burke, VA                               Amputee Angels

3/7/2008                         Charlotte, NC                           Road Racing

2/29/2008                       Washington, DC                      Financial Fantasy

2/22/20008                     Arlington, VA                          Guns Galore

2/15/2008                       Springfield, VA                        SCLB

2/8/2008                         Arecibo, Puerto Rico                Asteroids!!

2/1/2008                         Ponce, Puerto Rico          Ponce Pointers

1/25/2008                       Springfield, VA                        Up a Creek

1/18/2008                       Washington, DC                      Basketball Bonanza

1/11/2008                       Springfield, VA                        Ridiculous Resolutions

1/4/2008                         Springfield, VA                        Benazir Bhutto



Date                               Dateline                                   Title

12/28/2007                     Noank, CT                               Seafood and Skunks

12/21/2007                     Islesboro, ME                          Idyllic Island

12/14/2007                     Long Beach Island, NJ             Luminous Lighthouse

12/7/2007                       Cary, NC                                 What if Water?

11/30/2007                     Springfield, VA                        Rashid

11/23/2007                     Springfield, VA                        Sinister Signage

11/16/2007                     Rangeley, ME                          Mother Moose

11/9/2007                       Urbanna, MD                           Oysteria

11/2/2007                       Gorham, NH                            Mountain Madness

10/26/2007                     Washington, DC                      Hoopla over Hooper

10/19/2007                     Cary, NC                                 Wasting Water

10/12/2007                     Vienna, VA                              Talented Traveler

10/5/2007                       Alexandria Bay, NY                 Wealth on the Water

9/28/2007                       Joe’s Pond, VT                        Creemees and Coosucks

9/21/2007                       Seneca Falls, NY                      Serious Sentiments

9/14/2007                       Dunkirk, NY                            Dead History

9/7/2007                         Toronto, Ontario                      Trouble in Toronto

8/31/2007                       North Bay, Ontario                  Quintessential Quints

8/24/2007                       St. Ignace, MI                           Yoopers and Yuppies

8/17/2007                       Houghton, MI                          Mine Memories

8/10/2007                       Wisconsin Dells, WI                 Water Wonders

8/3/2007                         Goshen, IN                              Chiefly Champion

7/27/2007                       Topsail Island, NC          Tantalizing Topsail

7/20/2007                       Topsail Island, NC          Spring Storm

7/13/2007                       Springfield, VA                        Awful Accident

7/6/2007                         Matthews, NC                          Coming Chaos

6/29/2007                       Greensboro, NC                       Replacement Riches

6/22/2007                       Rio Grande, Puerto Rico           Fantastic Forest

6/15/2007                       Burke, VA                               Re-po Go Go

6/8/2007                         Landover, MD                         Ticket Trauma

6/1/2007                         Vienna, VA                              Prairie on the Potomac

5/25/2007                       San Juan, Puerto Rico               Name Game

5/18/2007                       Ashburn, VA                           Passing Gas

5/11/2007                       Washington, DC                      Curious Cosmos

5/4/2007                         Falls Church, VA                     Medical Miracles

4/27/2007                       Blacksburg, VA                       Leslie Sherman

4/20/2007                       Coronado, CA                          Hotel Swell

4/14/2007                       San Diego, CA                         Fabulous Fishery

4/7/2007                         San Diego, CA                         Liquid Illogic

3/30/2007                       Arlington, VA                          Graveyard Gaffe

3/23/2007                       Cary, NC                                 Nature News

3/16/2007                       Fairfax Station, VA                  My Miracle

3/9/2007                         Washington, DC                      Basketball Bargain

3/2/2007                         Springfield, VA                        Scout’s Dishonor

2/23/2007                       Springfield, VA                        Littering Low Lives

2/16/2007                       Grand Canyon, AZ          Winter Wonder

2/7/2007                         Kitt Peak, AZ                           Other World Observing

1/31/2007                       Tucson, AZ                              Championship Chow

1/24/2007                       Falls Church, VA                     Anglican Angst

1/19/2007                       Fairfax, VA                             Modern Medicine

1/12/2007                       Washington, DC                      Bibles and Brulées

1/7/2007                         Leesburg, VA                          Consumed Consumers



Date                               Dateline                                   Title

12/29/2006                     Washington, DC                      West Comes East

12/22/2006                     Landover, MD                         Fantasy Football

12/15/2006                     Alexandria, VA                        Valiant Volunteer

12/8/2006                       Alexandria, VA                        Vapid Values

12/1/2006                       Falls Church, VA                     Tooth Trouble

11/24/2006                     Washington, DC                      Bye Bye Baseball

11/17/2006                     Burke, VA                               Fall Festival

11/10/2006                     Pittston Farm, ME                    Wonderful Wilderness

11/3/2006                       Kodiak Island, AK          Oblique Observations

10/27/2006                     Woodbridge, VA                      Wedding Wrinkle

10/20/2006                     Washington, DC                      Lunch on the House

10/13/2006                     Spokane, WA                           Encouraging Edifice

10/6/2006                       aboard Alex Haley          Smooth Sailing

9/29/2006                       Springfield, VA                        Friday Football

9/22/2006                       Anchorage, AK                        Northern Notes

9/15/2006                       Ithaca, NY                               Fabulous Falls

9/8/2006                         Millinocket, ME                       Mighty Mountain

9/1/2006                         Montreal, Quebec                     Faux France

8/25/2006                       Windsor, ME                           Stupendous Store

8/11/2006                       Rockwood, ME                        Fuel Fallout

8/4/2006                         Raleigh, NC                    Gallberry Goodness

7/28/2006                       Topsail Beach, NC          Impending Implosion

7/21/2006                       Topsail Beach, NC          Lucky Landing

7/14/2006                       Topsail Beach, NC          Bathing Booties

7/7/2006                         Washington, DC                      Prurient Proms

6/30/2006                       Springfield, VA                        Weather Worries

6/23/2006                       on the Carolinian                     Train Tracks

6/16/2006                       Burke, VA                               Passing on Picnics

6/9/2006                         Williamsburg, VA                    Trashy Tees

6/2/2006                         Springfield, VA                        Money Matters

5/26/2006                       Washington, DC                      Panda Pandering

5/19/2006                       Springfield, VA                        Twin Tragedies

5/5/2006                         San Diego, CA                         Marvelous Market

4/28/2006                       San Diego, CA                         Clever Carousel

4/21/2006                       East Hanover, NJ                     Delicious Deli

4/14/2006                       Washington, DC                      Protesting by Picciotto

3/31/2006                       Washington, DC                      Cezanne Craze

3/24/2006                       Washington, DC                       Mall Musing

3/17/2006                       Washington, DC                      Brain Bee

2/24/2006                       Cary, NC                                 Parks a Plenty

2/17/2006                       Bethesda, MD                          Actual Acronyms

2/10/2006                       Springfield, VA                        Sunday Services

2/3/2006                         Arlington, VA                          Cosmetic Con

1/27/2006                       East Belfast, ME                      Maine Memories

1/20/2006                       Matthews, NC                          Church Chat

1/13/2006                       Springfield, VA                        Stamp Stuff                 



Date                               Dateline                                   Title

12/30/2005                     Springfield, VA                        Real Resolutions

12/23/2005                     Arlington, VA                          Arlington Angst

12/16/2005                     Arlington, VA                          Hippie High

12/9/2005                       Springfield, VA                        Sydney

12/2/2005                       Key Largo, FL                          Curfew Cutters

11/11/2005                     Key West, FL                           Nearly Normal

11/4/2005                       Baltimore, MD                         Greater Good

10/28/2005                     Raleigh, NC                    Rally in Raleigh

10/21/2005                     Gainesville, FL                         Golf Gossip

10/7/2005                       Rockland, ME                          Lovely Lighthouse

9/30/2005                       Millinocket, ME                       Awesome Atlas

9/23/2005                       Ashland, ME                            Stupendous Stick

9/16/2005                       Eagle Lake, ME                       Deadly Donuts

9/9/2005                         Fort Kent, ME                          Boundary Battle

9/2/2005                         Campobello Island, NB            Intriguing Island

8/26/2005                       Greenville, ME                         Difficult Decision

8/19/2005                       Fairfax, VA                             Court Case

8/12/2005                       Rockland, ME                          Carrageenan Conundrum

8/5/2005                         Charlottesville, VA                  Blind Deception

7/22/2005                       Springfield, VA                        Bolt out of the Blue

7/15/2005                       Matthews, NC                          Magnificent Matthews

7/8/2005                         Topsail Island, NC          Beach Beefs

7/1/2005                         Springfield, VA                        Student Selections

6/24/2005                       San Diego, CA                         Metropolitan Mess

6/10/2005                       Springfield, VA                        Race Redux

5/20/2005                       San Diego, CA                         San Diego Scam

5/13/2005                       Washington, DC                      Passed Potential

4/29/2005                       Springfield, VA                        Tax Trauma

4/22/2005                       Washington, DC                      Hydrocarbon Hysteria

4/8/2005                         Washington, DC                      Influential Individuals

4/1/2005                         Springfield, VA                        Tragic Trends

3/25/2005                       Washington, DC                      Female Physicists

3/18/2005                       Graham, NC                   Hog Heaven

3/4/2005                         Washington, DC                      NCLB Nonsense

2/25/2005                       Goshen, IN                              Beyond Bigotry

2/11/2005                       Tucson, AZ                              Pakistanis and Persians

1/21/2005                       Springfield, VA                        Bad Boards

1/7/2005                         Charlotte, NC                           Hawking Hospitals



Date                               Dateline                                   Title

12/3/2004                       Washington, DC                      Thanksgiving Thoughts

10/29/2004                     Springfield, VA                        Karnal Krap

10/15/2004                     Washington, DC                      A National Nuptial

10/8/2004                      San Jose, Costa Rica                Faulty Firsts

10/1/2004                       High above Flyover                  Flying Foibles

9/17/2004                       Montgomery County, MD        I Got an E!

8/31/2004                       Saguache, CO                          Tribal Tribulations

7/23/2004                       Sneads Ferry, NC                     Hail to the Hall

7/16/2004                       Topsail Island, NC          Empty on Energy



Date                               Dateline                                   Title

9/12/1991                       Cincinnati, OH                         Mortar Madness

9/5/1991                         Falls Church, VA                     Dangerous Drug

8/14/1991                       Williams, AZ                           Body Busters



Date                               Dateline                                   Title

9/15/1988                       Springfield, VA                        Missing Morals

8/18/1988                       Farmville, VA                          Fading Fast

7/28/1988                       Cincinnati, OH                         Baseball Blues



Date                               Dateline                                   Title

8/28/1986                       Norfolk, IN                              Downtown Delight

8/21/1986                       Metamora, IN                           Marvelous Metamora

7/31/1986                       Mystic, CT                               Plausible Plague



Date                               Dateline                                   Title

3/21/1985                       Washington, DC                      Money Mania

3/14/1985                       Washington, DC                      Protection Proliferation

2/21/1985                       Washington, DC                      Banjo Bonanza

2/14/1985                       Oakton, VA                    Traveling Teens



Date                               Dateline                                   Title

9/20/1984                       Carthage, NC                           Tobacco Trauma

9/6/1984                         Clinton, NC                    Homogenized Hamlet

8/23/1984                       Annapolis, MD                        Where’s the U?

8/9/1984                         Washington, DC                      Winners and Wimps



Date                               Dateline                                   Title

11/3/1983                       Landover, MD                         Cowboys and Guns

10/20/1983                     Harpers Ferry, WV                   River Rafters

10/6/1983                       Springfield, VA                        Moral Madness

8/11/1983                       Carolina Beach, NC                 Beach Bonanza

4/15/1983                       Fairfax, VA                             Traffic Tax

4/1/1983                         Springfield, VA                        New Names

3/3/1983                         Bethesda, MD                          Medical Adventures

2/18/1983                       Arlington, VA                          Nuclear Novitiates

2/4/1983                         Washington, DC                       Football Fantasies

1/27/1983                       Arlington, VA                          Removed from Reality